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Red Alert on the ISS Murgatroid

notsonicekhan's butt warmed the command throne on the bridge of the iss_murgatroid. The Murgatroid had dropped out of warp at his command, based on a massive, ship-wide drain of energy. Khan's previous orders to Security to use his stupid dopplegangers for target practice was augmented by commands to Maintenance to recycle the bodies (they were clogging the corridors) and to any crew near Captain Jellico's quarters to get his attention any way they could...he was needed on the bridge.

Unbeknownst to notsonicekhan, the escape plan of his Imperial prisoner Commander mib_khan of the Federation kicked it up another notch. With no power being drawn to keep the ship in warp, all the power formerly used by the warp drive went to the Murgatroid's replicators to produce stupid Khans. The total number of Khans on the Murgatroid doubled within 5 minutes of warp being disengaged. This began to put stress on the life support systems and essentially tied the engineering staff to their consoles as they tried to find an answer to the crisis.

Communications then crashed due to the number of crew attempting to contact either the bridge or the ship's computer to report damage or to call Sickbay for medical assistance. A few crew had managed to fight their way to Captain Jellico's door, only to find it locked and shielded. Their despair could not have become deeper, when without warning Jellico's door opened and he emerged. He was covered in blood (his and others) and the deck in his office was covered in deceased Khans.

"Crew! Get me to the bridge! I can save us if I can take command!" The ecstatic crew formed a phalanx around their Captain, and began to fight their way through the Khans to the turbolifts.
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