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All's hell that ends hell

notsonicekhan walked back to Sickbay, guards in tow. He'd just completed talking to the iss_murgatroid's division heads in the aftermath of the death of Captain Jellico. He had made it clear to his command crew (it felt odd...his command crew!) that Jellico's death was a natural progression of unavoidable events. The capturing of the Federation mib_khan, the unfortunate escape of that prisoner (probably due to a synergy of personal history leading that Khan to correctly guess notsonicekhan's personal command codes), the chaos that ensued, and the death of every Khan aside from the one personally verified as ship's First Officer and CMO...this was what lead to Jellico's death. Jellico's mismanagement of the Murgatroid would be swept under the rug to please Fleet Command and Admiral Jellico, evil_kyjellico's uncle. Long-range communications were down, but everyone agreed on the story details, which could be verified by video taken (and in some cases modified) on board the Murgatroid.

Khan entered his quarters, and smiled as the door closed. With any luck, Admiral Jellico would reward him for giving his nephew a hero's death...and if that meant becoming Captain of the Murgatroid, then there were the rewards inside Jellico's quarters. For once, Khan looked forward to the future.
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