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Alert and re-oriented

Commander mib_khan of the uss_murgatroid woke. He looked up and saw what appeared to be the ceiling of Sickbay. This was not an unusual viewpoint, since Khan often took naps in Sickbay when there was nothing going on, and wasn't needed for any command functions. After a moment, he realized that his last memory had been a thought that he'd been sure he'd been staring into the face of death. Clearly, though, he was no longer in his almost-destroyed Runabout, the Shit Creek.

Khan tried to sit up and determined that the restraints on his biobed were activated. Curious. Had he endured some medical condition that required restraining due to the incursion failure and subsequent shuttle loss? The usual swishing noise of a door meant that someone had entered the room. A familiar face came around the side of the bed.

Khan stared into the face of Khan. The unrestrained Khan was wearing a medical gown and holding a familiar looking medical tricorder. The tricorder had clearly seen better days. mib_khan recognised it as one that had been in the Shit Creek. He smiled up at the familiar face.

"So...how long until I'm up and around again?" mib_khan asked of his doppleganger.

"Oh, you're perfectly fine, now. I've been keeping you under sedation while we ran some tests. You're about as fully healed as you'll get. Some scars don't heal."

mib_khan quizzled. 'Some scars don't heal'? What about protoplasers? He paused for a moment, then steeled himself and asked the next question.

"Er...well, if I'm healed, can I get off of this bed? It'd be nice to move around, if, as you say, I've been under sedation for some time."

The other Khan smiled. It wasn't a pretty smile. "Oh, I'd say you'll be sitting there for a bit. After we recovered you from your ship, we realized who you were. We met briefly before, over a communication channel. I'm Commander Mib Khan, of the iss_murgatroid. Welcome to my place of work. You'll be here for a while, so you might as well get comfortable."

mib_khan stared again into the face of notsonicekhan. He had a suspicion that he knew what the face of death looked like. notsonicekhan held up an unfamiliar implement. It was made of surgical steel, and was very sharp. notsonicekhan smiled again...the smile was even less pretty this time around. He lowered the implement onto mib_khan's chest. "Does it hurt when I do this?"

mib_khan began to scream.
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