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Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid

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A nightmare in gunmetal gray

mib_khan woke, spluttering, as a bucket of ice water was upended over his head. He was no longer restrained in a biobed, but instead was in a small security cell. As the water cleared from his eyes, he focused on his doppleganger, notsonicekhan. The other Khan was not wearing his scariest grin, and the security forcefield was off. mib_khan was not deeply reassured by this.

"I suppose you're wondering about all of this," began notsonicekhan, with a casual wave of his hand. "You clearly expected to be tortured, but I've decided to pass on that. You know nothing of value to me." mib_khan opened his mouth to protest, but was cut off by his captor.

"Shut up! We don't have long, so I'll talk, and you'll listen. I have this private security cell in Sickbay, in the most heavily shielded portion of the ship. It's theoretically for heavy-duty radiation decontamination, but I haven't had to use it yet...so no worries about rad exposure. It's not shielded against evil_kyjellico's surveillance methods, but I've bribed an engineer to set up a program running an energy usage algorhythm; when the energy usage spikes in the Captain's quarters, I get a warning from my combadge. Things are quiet right now, so I can only hope that we're safe." Khan's captor peeled off his combadge and tossed it to mib_khan. He followed it up with a tricorder and a PADD.

"I've jimmied that badge so that it'll blow if you open the casing. It's locked down so that it can only be used for that warning function I mentioned. You need to get up to speed on my universe, and fast. You may not have a lot of time. Oh, and yes, I'm sure you know nothing of value to me. What's left of your ship has been thoroughly dissected, and since I know your neural paths as well as I know mine, the Mind-Sifter settings used did you very little damage." notsonicekhan pointed at the tools he had given mib_khan.

"There's a couple of ways this thing could end. I could die. You could die. We both could die. We both could live. The iss_murgatroid has been one of the most stable and rewarding posts in the history of the Imperial Fleet. I believe that will be coming to an end soon. Captain Jellico's hatred of his former First Officer Storvik has gone over the edge of obsession and revenge and into insanity and depression. As a commander admired throughout the Empire, he is allowed enormous latitude in his actions...but he is going to pass beyond any acceptable limits very soon. I expect, within the next week, that I will receive a message from Fleet Command ordering me to assassinate Jellico. Failing that, I expect within the next two weeks that he will blame me for my inability to pull Storvik out of my ass, and he will kill me. Since he is not thinking with his normal efficiency, he may not plan well in his murder attempt. With you around, I stand a better chance of living. You want me to live...after all, I'm your only way out of here."

notsonicekhan clapped his hands together, startling mib_khan. "So! The PADD you hold is programmed to allow you certain courses of study, and is also trapped to explode if tampered with. I want you to be learning the history, both recent and distant, of the Empire you are currently present in. I want you to be thinking of ways you can guard my back, and planning appropriately. I want you to be learning of Empire incursion technology, so that we can either get you or me out of this universe entirely, or, if possible, find a way to retrieve my Commander Storvik to satisfy Captain Jellico's weird urges. Perhaps that will restore him to sanity, or sobriety. The tricorder you hold is your own. I have ordered it refurbished to Federation standards, but left it without power. If you can justify a reason for me to recharge it, I will do so. If you hear the combadge beep, hide the equipment under your cot until it signals again. Learn quickly. If you don't work, you don't eat." With that final warning, Khan's captor energized the door forcefield, and left mib_khan alone with the equipment and his thoughts.
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