Somebody Else (non_player_char) wrote in iss_murgatroid,
Somebody Else

Rumblings From Below

The mood on the ISS Murgatroid was chaotic. This was not good – generally, on an Imperial ship, it was understood that the underlings knew what was expected of them, and they did it. It was also understood what would be done by the officers to the underlings if they did not act exactly as expected. But now, things had gotten out of sync. Captain Evil K Y Jellico had become more and more unperdictable, so that people were uncertain as to how to behave around him; and even performing their duties and keeping their heads down was no defense – the captain had had random people tortured, just in case they were traitors responsible for helping the Vulcans escape. He was at times violent, morose, drunk, apathetic – no one knew what to expect. No one knew what was expected of them.

The officers on the ISS Murgatroid were also aware of the situation, and the dangers it presented. They were not immune to Jellico's paranoia. However, the officers also recognized that the situation contained opportunity as well as danger – if something happened to the captain, all of them would move up in position. A captain who was not doing his job properly would not be missed by the Empire; the question of the day was whether or not Jellico had crossed over the line yet, the line after which no questions would be asked if anything happened.

The other big question, the one which kept the other officers from acting – for now – was this: What would Not So Nice Khan do? What would Khan do about Jellico, and what would Khan do if anyone [else] assassinated Jellico? It was well-known throughout the ship that Khan had foiled Evil Storvik's attempt to kill Jellico. No one knew where Khan stood – and no one felt that killing both Jellico and Khan would be easily accomplished … or easily defended, to Imperial investigators.

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