Somebody Else (non_player_char) wrote in iss_murgatroid,
Somebody Else

The Beginning of the End

A series of lights flashed on the ISS Murgatroid's communications console. Lieutenant Hades¹ quickly interpreted them as an incoming message from Imperial Fleet Command, encrypted, top priority. She perked up, because these messages usually came to her through Subcommander Dammit, her former Academy roommate. She opened the connection, and heard "Dammit to Hades, Dammit to Hades" through her earpiece. She couldn't help giggling, and Dammit had never figured out why she found that so funny. Hades had to give the proper recognition codes before the top priority message could be transmitted. "Subcommander Dammit, Janet, Imperial Security, signing off."

Even though it was a violation of several regulations, and a capital offense at that, Lieutenant Hades couldn't resist immediately breaking the encryption and reading the message. It was addressed to First Officer Not So Nice Khan, and made apparent that Imperial Fleet Command was also aware of what every officer on the ISS Murgatroid knew: that Captain Evil KY Jellico's recent obsession over former first officer Evil Storvik had pushed him beyond acceptable limits of depression and instability. As Khan had been expecting, Imperial Fleet Command had sent orders instructing him to kill Jellico and assume command of the Murgatroid.

Lieutenant Hades could have arranged for the message to be "accidentally" lost or corrupted, before Khan got it; she could have also arranged for a copy to be diverted to Jellico as a warning. But, since the captain had not provided her with any recent "loyalty bribes", she felt no compulsion to protect or warn him. Of course, Khan hadn't given her a "loyalty bribe" this month either, so she allowed the contents of the message to leak out to the rest of the crew.

As soon as the other bridge officers realized that Hades was receiving a high-security message, they tried to catch a glimpse of her screen. She "accidentally" left the message on her screen while she bent over to pick up the earpiece that she "accidentally" dropped on the floor. Some of the officers managed to read the message, while the other officers managed to look up her short skirt. "By the time the next change of shift has occurred," Hades thought to herself, "every officer on the ship will be aware of Khan's orders, and positioning themselves to take full advantage of the change in command structure."

Noticing the way that some of the officers had studied her structure while she bent over, Hades began to make her own plans for how to keep occupied once the next duty shift took over the bridge. Many changes in position would be involved...

¹The mirror universe analog of Lieutenant Heavens, naturally.

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