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Darkness...imprisoning me

Khan tapped on his PADD's touchscreen, sending nonvoice commands to the replicator in his cell. Like all equipment more complicated than a spoon, it was tied in to the power and computer systems, and thus could make interesting things happen. By using command icon symbology rather than text, Khan knew that even if there was a Tantalus Field peering over his shoulder, it wouldn't be able to easily figure out what he was doing.

As he sipped his raktajino in the dark, an isolinear chip materialized in the replicator. mib_khan had asked the replicator for an isolinear chip preprogrammed with notsonicekhan's command overrides. Since notsonicekhan had given him "full access", the replicator did as it was told. Khan put the chip in his PADD, and then put his tricorder in the replicator slot. The replicator recharged his tricorder quite handily. Khan removed the tricorder from the replicator slot, and then grinned as a full medkit materialized, followed by a fully charged phaser and a set of field transfer coils. Khan pulled those out of the replicator and then fired the next program on his PADD.

In Sickbay, a large collection of machinery fired into motion. By Imperial Law, this machinery was never meant to be used in this fashion. Thankfully, Khan already knew that he had a death sentence hanging over his head...and they could only kill him once. The machinery grew a sample of Khan's DNA in moments to full size in a nutrient bath, and a specialized component was replicated and inserted into the clone's brain. Lacking the equipment to do an instantaneous transfer of memories, this clone would not be a full, nor fully functional copy...but it could get the job done.

Khan waited 5 minutes...that would be enough time to make sure that the clone's basic motor and language skills were complete. He then tapped his PADD again. The clone's implant transmitted vibrations into the mastoid bone...vibrations which could be heard as speech, but too low to be picked up on a microphone. After a moment's thought, the clone stumbled towards a replicator inside Sickbay, and picked up another set of field transfer coils that Khan had ordered replicated there. He groped his way to Khan's cell in the dark and laid his set of coils around the outer edges of the forcefield barrier. Khan did the same inside the cell, and after a few moments, the forcefield's strength diminished (without setting off any alarms) sufficiently to allow Khan to exit his cell.

Khan looked at his clone. "C'mon, Pinnochio. You're a poor imitation of life, but maybe if we live through this, I'll be able to turn you into a real boy." Khan moved towards a fully functional computer terminal. Hours of work on a PADD could be bypassed with a few minutes at a normal terminal...if he had the time. Luckily, Sickbay was still dark. Perhaps his luck would hold. He glanced once more at his PADD, and checked the date. There was still a chance that he wouldn't need incursion technology to get back home...the hole he'd made between universes might not yet have closed. Escape to the Bajoran wormhole would be possible, once he'd initiated part two of his escape plan. He set up a countdown based on his best guess on his PADD, and then got to work at the terminal.
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