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Khan? Qua? Khan?

Lieutenant Hades, relieved of duty, was almost back to her quarters to meet some of the other bridge crew for some extracurricular activities, when she realized a superior officer was headed down the corridor towards her. She paused outside her open door, gave the Imperial salute, and cried "Hail, Commander Khan!" The being who she thought was Imperial Doctor Not So Nice Khan looked her up and down, grunted, and replied, "Boobies." This was so outside Hades' normal range of interaction with Khan that it actually made her pause a moment in shock. This moment was enough time for Khan to grab her and pull her inside her quarters. The closing door muffled the sound of tearing cloth as Khan disrobed Hades and began to introduce her to a level of command she hadn't yet experienced.

Moments later, another Khan walked past Hades' door, mumbling, "Beer?" A few moments later, another Khan walked past Hades' door, mumbling, "Booze?" This scene repeated itself with successive Khans mumbling the questions "Drugs?" "Potty?" "Mommy?" and of course "Nookie?" With all ship's replicators producing Khans at their best possible speed (but at a low, low resolution), Part Two of Federation prisoner Mib Khan's escape plan was kicking into high gear.

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