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iss_murgatroid's Journal

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"Publicity? The flagship of the Imperial Fleet needs no publicity. The trail of conquered worlds we leave behind is a testament to our power."

The Defiant-class ISS Murgatroid is the flagship of the Imperial Fleet, and can dock with an Annihilator-class planet-buster hull for those occasional instances where a first-class ass-whooping is required. There are no second ass-whoopings.

"Veni Vidi Vici Veni" (I came, I saw, I conquered, I came again)

The Murgatroid's crew has been referred to as the Empire's Stormtroopers. Only the most disciplined and vicious end up on the Murgatroid. Both discipline and adherence to regulations are rather strict on the Murgatroid; but Imperial High Command doesn't seem to object often as long as the Murgatroid doesn't run out of crew; or at least, conscript troops. Fleet Command often sends the Murgatroid out on intimidation missions, when the top brass want results and aren't too concerned about civilian casualties. The Murgatroid seems to wander more-or-less at random, their destinations and reasons known only to themselves … which puts fear into the hearts of the Empire's subjects. Their death count is legendary.

The ISS Murgatroid's captain is Not So Nice Khan, who achieved command by first betraying the former first officer Evil Storvik (who survives in exile) and killing the former captain Evil KY Jellico. Other members of the crew include Unpleasant Ifix (torturer) and Brother Lothar (missing, presumably and hopefully forever). You should read all of their journals in addition to this one, or we will activate your agonizer.