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Bridge to Commander Khan

The iss_murgatroid's comm officer located Commander notsonicekhan in his quarters. Khan growled at the comm officer for a moment over the interruption, then regained his composure.

"What is it?" asked Khan. His demeanor was especially mean, even for him.

The comm officer gulped, and replied, "Sir, have you left any experiments running under your authorization? We're having massive power drain all over the ship due to a command process centered on Sickbay."

"Massive power drain? To Sickbay?" Khan's expression was unreadable.

The comm officer shook his head. "No, sir, to replicators. Enough power is being drawn to affect our warp speed...we've had to drop speed by 1.5 warp factors."

Khan changed expression, looking quizzical. "What's being replicated?"

"Unknown, sir. I've started to ask..." The comm officer was interrupted by an incoming alert in his earpiece. "Commander Khan, I'm receiving an alert from Security. I'm going to splitscreen you so that I can find out what they need while you're listening. The highest officer on the bridge currently is a lieutenant, and Captain Jellico is unreachable...we may need your command input."

The screen split, pushing Khan's image to the left and bringing up a security officer on the right side of the screen. The security officer immediately barked, "Khan! Provide security authentication as to your identity this instant!" Khan looked surprised, and then replied to the request with a long series of code. The security officer grunted as the Murgatroid's computer verified his identity.

Khan smirked briefly, then said, "So now that you know who I am, what's going on?" The security officer smoothed back her hair, and then replied, "Sir, there are duplicates of you appearing on all decks. They're dressed as you, but don't seem to be functioning as you...that is, they don't behave as you or act like they have your authority. They really seem...well...stupid."

"Where are they coming from?" asked Khan.

"Seems like they're appearing near the replicators. I've tried to get access to shut them down, but there's some kind of lockout program in place." The security officer grimaced at her failure, expecting to be disciplined for a failure.

Khan shrugged. "Call Engineering and get them to fix it. In the meantime, use the Khans for target practice. I'll point-to-point transport to the bridge, and reaffirm my command authorization there so that everyone knows that it's me." Khan ordered the transport and then disappeared off the viewscreen and onto the bridge. He repeated his command authorization, then said, "It's me. Drop out of warp. Let's get this problem fixed, and then get back to not getting killed by Jellico. The bridge crew sighed with relief as Khan sat in the Captain's actual command figure had shown up and was issuing command decisions rather than rants. It lowered the stress levels around Khan, and in their relief no one noticed Khan's poker face slip for a moment into a wry grin.
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