Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid (mib_khan) wrote in iss_murgatroid,
Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid

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Escaping from the ISS Murgatroid

"C'mon, Pinnochio," commanded mib_khan. "We've got to get out of this place, if it's the last thing we ever do." The imperfect clone of Imperial escaped prisoner Mib Khan grunted, and raised his disruptor rifle, claimed from a crew member of the iss_murgatroid who would not need it any longer. The two of them heard weapons fire approaching their position, and ducked behind a corridor support. Their position went unobserved by Captain Jellico and his crew, who were fighting their way to the bridge. The corridor behind Jellico was clear, as he'd ordered weapons set for molecular disruption.

"The path to the shuttlebay is clear. Let's blow this popsicle stand." Pinnochio grunted again, as he watched Khan's back. Within minutes, the two of them were in a shuttlepod and headed back to the Bajor system.
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