Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid (mib_khan) wrote in iss_murgatroid,
Mib Khan, Medical Officer, USS Murgatroid

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A real know-it-all

As Khan's captor left him alone, mib_khan had a flash of insight. He was wise enough to not speak his thoughts out loud. Just because his cell wasn't under surveillance by anyone hostile to notsonicekhan didn't mean that it wasn't surveilled by him.

"Hmm...for all that he claims to know about me, he clearly doesn't know about the fact that I am one clone of millions, and that all Khan clones share the same identity and memories. If that were the case, he would simply duplicate my methods and achieve whatever goals he wishes. Granted, I achieve any goals I wish because I set the bar low. Nevertheless, this duplicate of mine is no duplicate of me. He is arrogant, overconfident, and cocksure. Clearly that has been enough for him...he hasn't needed to be more. I doubt his confidence will be enough to meet my needs. He may be a big fish here, but there are bigger fish in the ocean than him. And the little fish get et by the bigger ones."
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